Google+ PC Cracks,Tips, and Tricks: February 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Go to "run" and type "cmd'
About attrib

Attrib allows a user to change the properties of a specified file. Using attrib, the user has the capability of changing the file to have any of the below attributes. Note if you're wanting to change the ACL's of a file see the CACLS command.
Read-only - allowing the file to be only viewed and not written to.
Archived - allowing Microsoft backup and other backup programs to know what files to backup.
Hidden - making the file invisible to standard users.
System - making the file an important system file.

Show/Hide System Files and Folder using Windows Registry

This is an alternate method to show/hide system files and folders on a Windows PC. Most likely, you should use this simple method to do the same thing if you don't want to take risks modifying your registry.
IMPORTANT This article will guide to some steps to modify your Windows Registry. Stop if you're not familiar with the Windows Registry. Making a wrong change on the Windows Registry could cause critical problems to your computer.
Proceed at your own risks
1. Open the "Registry Editor" ("Start" >> "Run", then type "regedit" and Enter).
2. Expand to the following key:
3. If the value "SuperHidden" exists, double-click on it to edit its value to (0 = show hidden, 1 = do not show)
4. If the value "SuperHidden" does not exist, create it as follows
Name: SuperHidden
Value: 0
(0: show hidden, 1: do not show)

Show/Hide System Files Using Registry 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make ur own Harmless Virus

Make Frnds scare for VIRUS

Open notepad and type the code below:

lol=msgbox ("Warning a virus has been detected on your PC. Press YES to format your hard disk now or press NO to format your hard disk after system reboot",20,"Warning")

Then save it as Virus.VBS

and go to the folder that contains it and open it if a window pops out saying a virus has been detected it's working. Press yes or no to close the window and put it in the startup folder of the victim's account.
On startup the window should appear.
Note: This does not harm your computer as it does not contain virus.

The Yes and no button does not do anything except closing the window. And you can edit the virus in the sentence: Warning a virus has detected on your PC to any kind of virus eg.Trojan Horse like this lol=msgbox ("Warning a Trojan horse has been detected on your PC. Press YES to format your hard disk now or press NO to format format your hard disk after system reboot",20,"Warning")
now hav fun !!☺○○○☺

Make Harmless Virus

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Microsoft Word trick

Try out yourself...
Open Microsoft Word and type
and then HIT ENTER....see what happens.
it won't hurt your system!!

MS Word Trick

How To Make A Folder With Name CON?

Did you ever tried to create a folder with name con or prn or nul? you cannot create a folder with names con , prn or nul in windows. but you can create folders with these names from dos with some special commands

to create a folder with name con in c just type this code in dos


Monday, February 14, 2011


Hiii Frns......

This is something pretty cool... & unbelievable. ..
that nobody can create a FOLDER name "CON,PRN,NUL,COM1 to COM9, LPT1 to LPT9" anywhere on the computer and on any device that contain data.Example :- Hard disk,Memory card,in Phone Memory etc.

The reason behind it is that "CON" stands for CONsole,"PRN" stands for PRiNter,"NUl" stands for NULl, "COM1 to COM9" Serial COMmunication ,"LPT1 to LPT9" Line PrinTer Ports.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Make a folder without a name

1.Select the file, right click on it and click rename.
2.Press Alt and press 0160 without taking your hand off Alt.

3.Press enter and look at what happened

Folder Without Name