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Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Open a Webpage Using Notepad

Today we will going learn a new Notepad trick.In this trick we use notepad to open websites/webpages.

1.Open Notepad.

   All programs -> Accessories -> Notepad
   (window + R) key,then type notepad
    Simply, Right click -> New -> Notepad.

Open Notepad


     In Notepad,type the following code
     start "browser name" http://"website/webpage name"

    start iexplore [ ]
    start firfox [ ]
    start chrome [ ]
Type the Code

3.Save as "Anyname.bat"

   In Notepad,
   File -> save as -> "anyname.bat"
   In below example its sites.bat
Save as Anyname.bat

4.Start sites.bat

   When you start sites.bat,it will open the following webpages you have type in notepad.

Batch file

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