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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How To Remove Password Of Admin Account With CMD

In This Post we will learn how to remove password of Admin Account.This Trick needs CMD(Command Prompt).There are only few steps.

1.Open command prompt(cmd)
    windows button ->All program ->Accessories -> Command prompt.


    windows button + R,it open run window, then Type "cmd"

Command Prompt(cmd)
2. In command prompt, type "net user" and press enter.
    Net user command - the net user command is used to create and modify user accounts on computers.                                                   When you use this command without command-line switches, the user accounts for                                                 the computer are listed. The user account information is stored in the user accounts                                                 database.

Type net user
3. In next step, type "net user 'admin account' * " and press enter.
    In this example - admin account is HIMANSHU

net user 'admin account' *
On password press Enter

3. In next step you can see system is asking for a password.Simply press "Enter".
    It will again asking for retype the password.Again press "Enter".
Again press Enter
4. In above step we completed our task and the password of Admin Account was removed.
    For exiting command prompt type "exit".

Password of Admin Account is removed
5. Here the difference 
When password is there
After password is removed

Now you can create your own password.
But this trick is only work when Admin account is already open.

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