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Sunday, March 2, 2014

How To Make an Invisible Folder (With pics)

Today we will learn how to make an invisible folder.So that you can hide anything in it.
Here are some steps to do the trick

1.Create a New Folder in any directory.
    Right Click->New->Folder, and a new folder is created.

Create a New Folder

2.Customize the newly created folder.
    Right Click the New Folder, go to the Properties,then customize,and click the Change           Icon.

Click on Change Icon

3.Now,go to the middle and you should see some blank spaces.

Blank Spaces

4.Those are some transparent icons,select one of those then press OK->Apply->OK.

5.Rename the New Folder,Right click on it,and Rename.

Rename the Folder

6.Press ALT and press 255 without taking your hand off ALT.
    You can use this method also 

7.Press Enter

Invisible Folder

Here is your Invisible Folder.

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